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Jawline Length Bob

This is the essence of the bob as it was intended to be. Simplicity and excellent quality of cut and color with a high dose of understatement and an even higher one of intriguing elegance. The length is on her jawline, just a wee bit above her chin.
A slight curve into the face from the sides is most charming and just one of the elements that will keep this look in everyone's mind. The other main feature is of course the fringe with its eyebrow covering straight line. Black and pure, sophistication par excellance.
Short above the chin bob with an eyebrow covering fringe
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Collection: Summer Love & Passion
Hair: Sasscha Hirtsgaard - Guys & Dolls Intercoiffure
Make-up: Emma Ullman & Katrine Due Baden
Products: Paul Mitchell
Photography: Bert Goeman
Clothing: Hale Bob & Rocking Blue
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