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Short Hairstyle with a Long Neck Section

A bob is the basis for this interesting haircut that offers so many great options for styling. In this first image the hair is worn down and straight with just subtle movement brought into the mid and lower areas. The inward curve of the sides produces a full body and also hugs the face in a most adorable way.
A side fringe is a commitment to great style and then there is the longer neck, slightly graduated and curved to a snug fit. Intense copper is a wonderful contrast to her steel blue eyes and just brightens up any day. Her's and of the people who will run into her.
Short hairstyle for straight hair with curved sides
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Collection: Summer Love & Passion
Hair: Sasscha Hirtsgaard - Guys & Dolls Intercoiffure
Make-up: Emma Ullman & Katrine Due Baden
Products: Paul Mitchell
Photography: Bert Goeman
Clothing: Hale Bob & Rocking Blue
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