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Clips and Curls for Men

Typical for the trend looks for men, this haircut combines longer top hair and very short sides. These were cut with a very low setting on the clipper to get this buzz cut effect. A total contrast are the swirling and unruly curls on his crown. They reach from the very back all the way to his forehead.
Styling is easy with just a tiny dollop of curl enhancing gel, which is massaged into the hair. Kneaded to a small quiff it is a dapper look, especially for younger men.
  • Male hair with clipper cut sides
  • Easy hairstyle with very short sides for men
  • Hairstyles with very short shaved sides
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Collection: Summer Love & Passion
Hair: S. Hirtsgaard - Guys & Dolls Intercoiffure
Make-up: Emma Ullman & Katrine Due Baden
Products: Paul Mitchell
Photography: Bert Goeman
Clothing: Hale Bob & Rocking Blue
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