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Romantic Casual Look

This romantic look is a great alternative to the straight business variation and is easily styled in just a few steps. The curls lend much volume and life to the hairstyle and remove some of the strictness of the graphical bangs. This is just the right look for a romantic date or for an afternoon at the café with the girlfriends.
Before blow drying work a small amount of wellaflex body & style into the damp hair from roots to the ends. The fluid provides strong hold and nourishes the hair with Panthenol. If you prefer mousse you can comb wellaflex body & style mousse evenly into the hair working in sections. This way the hair will be fuller and also protected from the heat of the blow dryer.
Just as with the business look use a paddle brush to blow dry the hair.
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Now it is time to get out the mid sized curling iron. Starting at the roots, spiral individual strands around the curling iron. You'll get best results when you start with the lower parts of your hair. Loosen up the hair with your fingers after all the curling is done.
To fixate the fullness and bounce of your curls finalize your style with an even mist of wellaflex body & style hairspray. Make sure to spray from a distance of about 8 inches. The special formula with Panthenol covers each hair, giving the hair visibly more fullness and ultra strong hold - up to 24 hours. All this time the hair will keep its natural movability and a healthy shine.
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