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Elegant 70s Style

A great styling idea for long hair are bangs that are loosely pinned to the back. The volume at the roots gives this style a sophisticated appearance and the soft waves along the length conjure up a soft silhouette. This look is not only perfect for the daytime, but it also looks fantastic in the evenings when given a little glamorous touch-up.
Using your hands work a small amount of wellaflex body & style fluid evenly into the hair, from roots to ends, into the towel dry hair. To distribute the fluid as evenly as possible follow up with a wide tooth comb. The fluid with Panthenol coats each individual hair und fills in thinner parts of the hair. It visually provides more fullness und gives the hair a strong and flexible hold. This way fine hair is nourished, thickened and at the same time protected from the heat of the blow dryer.
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To create soft waves in the lengths, roll the hair over large curlers and let dry completely. Remove the curlers and gently brush the hair. Following separate the bang section with a styling comb in the shape of a horseshoe. To give it more structure and body, lightly tease the bangs. Just separate individual strands, hold them with one hand and push down with the styling comb in strong moves. The strands should never be wider than the comb itself.
Finally attach the bang section with small bobby pins to the back of the head. If your hair is rather heavy, you can also use a small elastic band.
To finalize mist wellaflex body & style spray from a distance of about 8 inches evenly over your creation. Pay special attention to the front section to keep the volume for a whole day. The body & style spray works especially well with fine hair, because it gives body and hold without weighing the hair down. This way the 70's style remains perfect in every situation.
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