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Opulent Look with Waves

and a little bit of styling technique is all that is needed to create opulent waves even with fine hair, that will make you the center of attention when shopping or at the next party.
After washing work a golfball size amount of wellaflex body & style mousse into the hair. It will give your hair more body starting at the roots, will provide ultra strong hold and at the same time it protects the hair from the heat of the dryer. Distribute the mousse by picking up portions with a wide toothed comb and then evenly rake it through the hair. This is how you can avoid an overdose that would make fine hair heavy and the product will be spread evenly from roots to the ends.
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  • hair styling
  • hair styling

Semi-dry the hair with your blow dryer before rolling it over large heated curlers. For a perfect result your should always begin at the crown and make sure that the individual strands are never wider than the curler itself. Let the curlers cool completely. A great way to make use of the waiting time is for example to put on your make-up. After removing the curlers gently shake your hair with your head down and roughly rake separate it with your fingers. This way you will get loose and full structure.
The right hairspray is especially important when you have fine hair. To keep the wave-look full and bouncy for the whole day mist the wellaflex body & style hairspray from a distance of about 8 inches. Tilt your head to the side and spray from the bottom up. This way it will be distributed best and will give the hair ultra strong, flexible old without sticking.
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