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Very Short Layered Haircut

While a very short, layered look, this isn't your mother's gamine cut. Its razor-cut layering features dramatic contrast between the lengths on the top and the tapered short lengths to the sides. The layers are choppy and create long thick tendrils that layer across the scalp offering subtle plays of color and visual interest by creating patterns in the finely highlighted strands.
To craft this look, you are best to begin with normal to coarsely-textured hair with very little wave. Use a sculpting paste on towel-dried hair to add structure and definition to the strands without giving a stiff look, then blow out the hair to prevent the "wet look". Direct the airflow upwards for lift at the scalp to give fullness, and once dried, use a small amount of the sculpting paste or a pomade to add more definition to the style and give the finishing placement.
Collection: Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 2009-2010
Hairstyle: VOG Coiffure
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