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Neck-Length Razor Cut

This neck-length razor cut features fine, wispy ends with weight in the upper portions of the hair. The fringe is cut with a blunt line across the brow at eye level ensuring a focus in the upper section of the head.
The color is a rich, pinkish red, with a high-gloss finish, threaded with glints of highlighting that are toned to match the primary haircolor. The result is a color that will draw the eye of anyone within visual range, and still remain cool.
The interior of the hair is lightly layered to allow for movement and keep the face from being hidden. The styling is a simple, blown-straight affair with gentle, outward flares at the ends of the strands.
The hairstyle is hip and eclectic, with a touch of "rockabilly" rebellion. The length allows for variable styling, so you don't have to feel restricted to just one look.
Collection: Vivacious
Hair: BIBA Creative Team Australia
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