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Vertical Focus

The razor-cut crop of the previous hairstyle is revisited in this look that takes the soft, casual feel and hones it to an edge. The luminous blonde color positively shines in this highly-contrived haircut. The short hair gets structure and lift by using a firm-hold product and is styled for full volume in the top section.
The sides and back are kept low-key in contrast, but the two combined create an ideal vertical focus that helps to slim a wide face and elongate roundness, while bringing attention to the eyes. The style can be sculpted with a blow-dryer and round brush to raise the hair in the top sections. Use a root-lift spray to give stability and long-lasting hold. A dab of smoothing serum helps keep the side and nape sections defined and smooth.
Collection: Hairstyles Winter
Hair: Tchip
Make-up: Stéphane Israel
Styling: Véronique Droulez
Photography: Joseph Chiaramonte
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