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Loose Long Hair

In this hairstyle the hair is long with a full fringe section and minimal layers in a predominantly blunt cut. In this case, the purpose of the layers is to soften the ends of the hair and provide some roundness to the silhouette. The color is natural, and the interplay in highlighting and lowlights are very subtle - gradient in shades that shift only one to two levels at a time.
The styling is very loose and free-form. Blow-out the hair using a light-hold product and the fingers to create a soft finish. Use a dab of additional product to create some separation in the strands but keep the hair from looking "hard".
Collection: Hairstyles Winter 2009
Hair: Tchip
Make-up: Stéphane Israel
Styling: Véronique Droulez
Photography: Joseph Chiaramonte
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