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Hairstyles Collection "Rikke"


The "Rikke" collection by Intermède is a study in texture and asymmetry. The stylists and artists at Intermède have put together a collection of hairstyles that showcase the best elements of shape and texture from smooth and sleek to wet and wild.
While these may not be the everyday styles you see on the streets where you live, they are as wearable as they are exciting. In fact, there are haircuts here to suit almost every face and to address nearly any flaw.
  • short asymmetrical haircut
  • hairstyle with contouring around the ears
  • below the collar haircut
  • cut for short sleek hair
  • modern wet look
  • funky haircut
  • elegant hsort hairstyle
  • longer-haired look for men
  • boy with his hair swept back
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Artistic Director: William Lepec for Intermède
Make-up: Vesna Estord
Styling: Marie Malterre
Photography: Franck Joyeux
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