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Free-Spirited Hairstyle for Men

Men's hairstyles are definitely variable, at least as far as length goes, although specific cuts and styling aren't "quite" as varied in most cases. For example, this longer-haired look follows the classic men's cutting pattern, only using longer lengths than may be considered traditional. This gives a shaggy, sort of free-spirited look for the bad boys that women love. Yet it also keeps to the masculine traditions - following over the ears and staying off the collar.
The color is natural, and gives a sun-kissed feel. The layers are a little choppy and the styling emphasizes energy and movement. Get this look with a blow-dry style and use the fingers with a dab of product to add some definition and give a tousled finish to the style.
Collection: Rikke
Artistic Director: William Lepec for Interm├Ęde
Make-up: Vesna Estord
Styling: Marie Malterre
Photography: Franck Joyeux
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