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Hairstyles Spring Summer

The empire of Franck Provost has grown continuously for more than 3 decades and is bringing amazing hair fashion to 20 countries with over 600 salons. The secret of their success is not only a great line of products or a service oriented attitude but mostly their talented crew and creative vision.
Hairstyles are designed to fit each individual woman. They are versatile, exclusive and precious. The haircuts are precise and made to last. The summer styling is glamorous and sexy while keeping it simple and low maintenance.
  • classy short bob cut
  • bob with feathery styling
  • bob with a short neck
  • hairstyle with tousling
  • icy blonde long hair
  • medium long retro hairstyle
  • textured shoulder long hair
  • men's summer hairstyle
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This exquisite collection of summer hairstyles features looks that sparkle on the beach, make it through an air conditioned day at an office and still are seductive on those long hot nights, be it in St. Tropez, Miami or L.A.
Volume is paired with the lightness of textured hair from short to long. The contours are soft and feminine with a touch of Hollywood and shiny whispers of former, glamour filled decades. Brilliant blondes compete with spicy brunettes, yet there is no winner in sight. All are glorious must have looks for the brightest season of all.
Hairstyles: Franck Provost
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