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Boy and Girl with Classic Haircuts

This boy and girl are cute as can be and rockin' classic haircuts with updated twists.
Hairstyle 1 has our hero sporting a classic 1970s shag cut updated by razor-cut ends to soften the look of the style. The fringe is long (eye level) and the central parting gives the look a symmetry that emphasizes the texture of the hair. Style this look using a blow-dryer and brush with a styling gel and follow up with a touch of smoothing serum on the fingers and raked through the hair to smooth fly-away strands and give some definition to the locks at the ends.
Hairstyle 2 is a simple bob cut fully blunt with a narrow fringe zone that is crafted with a curved notch in the center of the forehead. The center parting gives the hair symmetry and the clean lines are perfect to balance the roundness of the childhood features. Style the look using a blow-dryer and flat brush with a soft-hold product and smoothing serum. Follow this up with a pass through a flat iron to smooth the locks.
Collection: Playtime
Hair: Carol Bruguera