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Little Boys Haircuts

These two boys are sporting short layered haircuts that have similarities, but create different looks overall.
Hairstyle 1 is short and tapered on the sides and in the back to a longer top length. The top section is textured with a razor-tool to create choppy, chunky effects in the layers that are accentuated by the styling and products used. The hair can be blow-dried with a styling gel and then plied with a pomade to create the random, slightly spiky look in the hair.
Hairstyle 2 is another layered look that is razor-cut and also has choppy layering. The razor-cut fringe creates a light and wispy edge to the hair and shapes the whole of the hair into a lacy-edged cap that frames the face perfectly. Style the hair using a blow-out and vent brush or the fingers with a light-weight product like mousse.
Collection: Playtime
Hair: Carol Bruguera
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