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Curls and Waves for Men

Few women can resist the allure of a head full of soft curls and waves. Many Mediterranean men have a lot of wave and texture to their hair and this layered shag hairstyle makes ample use of the natural wave of this model's curls. The length helps to give the hairstyle horizontal bulk and prevents the slender face from looking gaunt, while the fringe masks the ample forehead.
The layers are point cut to add extra texture and keep the ends light and keep the style from seeming too bulky. Styling is an easy blow-out using a diffused dryer with a light styling mousse and vented brush. Follow it up with a daub of smoothing serum on the fingers and run them through the curls to tame any stray strands and keep any frizz to a minimum.
Collection: Mediterranean
Hair: Carol Bruguera
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