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Current Flat-Top

It's the style so nice, we have to see it twice - the flat-top. This look, too, is inspired by the traditional cut, but has been revised to bring it current. The cut is still all about precision, but this style's longer top section is only slightly in excess of the traditional look, while the telling details here are in the perimeter area.
The sides and nape all taper smoothly to create the sharp, clean silhouette of the hairstyle, but the perimeter edge isn't as sharply defined as one might find in a traditional cut. The tapers fade to the scalp allowing the edges to become less distinct, without taking away from the clean silhouette. Again, styling consists of structuring product, such as gels, pomades and waxes with a focus on lighter applications to avoid overloading the fine blond hair's texture.
Collection: Men's Hairdresser of the Year
Hair: Jamie Stevens for Errol Douglas
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