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Snaky Curls

Long hair with a minimal of layering, can be usually styled in many, many ways - both up and down. Here, we have a Medusa's coif of long, spiraling, snaky curls. The look is built on a canvas of beige blonde and dark blonde base, and the curls are carefully crafted and set for longevity. The best option is to wrap the hair in spiral fashion on thick rollers using a strong-hold product.
Allow the curls to completely dry and become cool. If you opt to air-dry the rolled hair, use a diffused blow-dryer to heat the wrapped hair and then allow it to re-cool to emphasize the set of the curl and ensure the best results. Once unwound, gently break the curls to keep the shape, but remove the hardness. If you have any issues with frizz, feel free to apply a mist of hair spray and scrunch the curl to restore the smooth finish.
video Collection: Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 2007-2008
Hair: Jean Louis David
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