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Versatile Haircuts

The blonde in the picture is wearing her hair in a medium short hairstyle that covers the nape in the back and is combed from the side part into a smooth feel just above the ears and along the sides. The rest of the hair is styled over the top with a few thin bangs touching the forehead and favoring the other side. This versatile haircut can be worn up, down or toward the face in lush round curls.
The young man is wearing his dark brown hair in a long version of the shag haircut with heavy full bangs that cover his eyebrows and sides that cover his ears. The hair springs up from a little natural curl and covers his neckline in the back. Blow drying will achieve this type of result with a spritz of gloss for shine.
Collection: Hairstyles 2007
Hairstyle: Cebado
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