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Mid-Length Blonde Hairstyle

Blondes have fun. This is a given and this mid-length blonde hairstyle has vaguely page-boy features, with the longer top and back and shorter lengths on the side, swept back. The hair is layered and textured lightly with a razor to give softness and definition.
Styling is best executed with a diffused dryer and the fingers to scrunch the hair and enhance the natural wave and curl. Tools can be used to redirect or create additional curl if needed or wanted, but keep things simple and be careful never to break up the curl too much or you're likely to end up with a fuzzy finish.
Collection: Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 2006-2007
Artistic Director: William Lepec for Interm├Ęde
Make-up: Vesna Estord
Styling: Marie Malterre
Photography: Franck Joyeux
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