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Funky Look

This unusual, edgy hairstyle is a take on a classic bob cut with internal beveling to create a rounded effect at the ends of the hair. However, by using the classic lines and appearing to turn them 45-degrees off-axis you create a funky look out of simple details.
The kohl-dark hue of the base color is contrasted by the pale ashen-blonde highlighting which blends in exquisite gradient from light to dark as it moves across the face. Styling is simple: blow-out straight and follow with a flat iron to smooth and keep a sleek, glassy-sheen.
Collection: Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 2006-2007
Artistic Director: William Lepec for Interm├Ęde
Make-up: Vesna Estord
Styling: Marie Malterre
Photography: Franck Joyeux
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