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Fine Silky Hair

With fine, silky hair, it is often difficult to come up with styles that offer full-bodied looks without seeming too "wispy". But the haircut here is a bob with a broad fringe area kept long. The interior is lightly layered and the hair is parted deep on the right side and swept across the forehead. The style in photo one is crafted with a blow-out with a flat brush to create smooth, silky lines.
Use a light smoothing serum to keep the hair sleek and shiny. Photo two takes the cut and adds more volume, by directing the sides back and the top upward with some lift at the scalp. This gives the style a more vertical focus and completely changes the feel and dynamic of the hairstyle. Use a strong hold product such as gel for the upward sweep, and use a root lift spray to add strength and staying power at the scalp. A light mist of hairspray will give a soft finish as long as you make sure to let it dry completely before breaking the spray on the style.
hair with the top directed upward
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Collection: Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 2006-2007
Artistic Director: William Lepec for Interm├Ęde
Make-up: Vesna Estord
Styling: Marie Malterre
Photography: Franck Joyeux
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