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Saint Algue

Hairstyles Autumn-Winter

  • short hair with layers
  • choppy short hairdo
  • long hair with a curled flip
  • long hair and a silk black blouse
  • shear genius look
  • red hair with coils and waves
  • hair nestled around the shoulders
  • cool haircut for long hair
  • glossy short hair
  • hair in pieced sections
  • stunning male look
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Saint Algue brings us everything from fat smooth hairlines that dip and curl and then, to willowy structured lines. There are bedazzled hairstyles that reach out in miles of exotic curls and short flaps of hair that are gaily spiked in every which way. A little bit of macho portrays an influent crop of enviable delight. Take your pick and enjoy.
Hair: Saint Algue
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