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Franck Provost

Hairstyles Autumn-Winter

Frank Provost opens a new salon every week of the year and has been successful for more than 30 years. Each collection proves again why the hair art of the Provost team finds more and more fans all over the world.
With six seductive hairstyles the Provost woman bids the summer goodbye while taking some of its harvest into the cooler season. The collection gives us five explorations of feminine looks in blonde, one in an autumn brown.
  • feathery bob cut
  • hair with an upward swing
  • bob with a diagonal fringe
  • cheekbone length hair
  • bob for the office
  • hair with a natural flow
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The colors are not as bright as in summer, but infused with hues of spice and with the cooler light of winter sunsets.
The haircuts are classic and never overbearing. Variations on one theme, long layers and bangs, suit the tastes and features of many women and are made to compliment the beauty of each individual client.
The hair is allowed to follow its own course and fall freely. Styling just enhances its flow and creates a natural, confident look that is organic and always radiates the casual sophistication that can only be made in France.
Hair: Franck Provost
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