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Franck Provost

Hairstyles Autumn-Winter

Winter hair for the trendy woman as defined by Franck Provost is feminine, extravagant, wearable and versatile. In the cooler season we will see perfectly tuned cuts and balanced colors in the hues of nature with a cool radiance.
  • hair just beneath the chin
  • choppy bangs for short hair
  • short textured haircut
  • textured short bob

  • hair with well-defined waves
  • hair styled with an outward swing
  • medium length bob
  • natural looking curls for men
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Round silhouettes and soft edges get an edgy inner life with spiky, textured ends in the shorter haircuts. The longer hairstyles are curly and wavy with much volume and elegant curves. Perfect for candle lit evenings and the Holidays.
The favorite colors of the Provost team for the autumn - winter season are cool blondes, spicy curry and nutmegs colors as well as deep browns.
Hairstyles: Franck Provost
Photos: Adel Ward
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