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Short Layered Haircut for Boys

Once again we see a short layered haircut for this little boy, that differs in that the sides are wedge-cut over the ears and the sides and back are tapered only slightly, keeping to short possibly-clipper-cut lengths. The top and crown are only slightly longer, and the entire head is textured using a point-cutting technique. The angle of the points is steep and helps to remove bulk as well as add definition to the locks when styled.
Speaking of which, the styling for this boy's hairstyle can be super simple as all you need to do is to towel-dry the hair very thoroughly and apply a moderate amount of styling gel. Use the fingers or a comb (or a combination of the two) to arrange the hair as desired and allow it to dry naturally. The result is a look that will last all day and can be refreshed with a little spritz of water.
Collection: Child
Hair: Carol Bruguera
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