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Short Haircut for Boys

Our tough-guy for the day is another fan of the short layered look, although this haircut is not as short as its predecessor. The perimeter of the cut is blocked off, meaning that there is a definitive edge to the hairstyle all around the head instead of the hair tapering to the scalp. The result is a more solid-looking style with a lot of interior layering and texture.
Speaking of the interior layering, this is kept comparably long and uniform all over the scalp, with only slightly shorter lengths at the sides and back near the bottom. These interior layers are point cut afterward to create the chippy look that allows for the spiky styling. This look too can be created using a blow-dryer and pomade or styling paste, and is tweaked with a touch more product at the end of the process.
Collection: Child
Hair: Carol Bruguera
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