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Short Spiky Hairstyle for Boys

This little imp has his short layers heavily textured with deep razor strokes. This creates a series of slim, needle-like points that are then randomized all over the head in a controlled chaos effect. The sides are cut super short (possibly with clippers) and the top section and crown are left significantly longer (perhaps 2.5-3.5 inches). Once the base cut is finished, the razor tool can be used to create deep sweeps from the inside out and form these light, wispy tendrils.
The hairstyle is formed using a blow-dryer (diffused due to the fine texture of the hair) and a sculpting paste or pomade. Once mostly dry (and firm due to the product) the hair can be tousled and tweaked to your desired arrangement - or simply swipe your fingers through the hair and let him go. It's that easy.
Collection: Child
Hair: Carol Bruguera
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