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Brown Hair with Shine

Darsan's natural level 3 hair had some highlights and previous color. Dee started her new look with a level 4 neutral base then added panels of purple, wine red, and blue black in the fringe to create dimension.

To start off the look, Dee isolated three large panels in the fringe and applied one each of the following formulas:
•  Purple Formula: 5 grams arteasecolors 4/6 with a healthy dash of 001 blue concentrate and 5 grams arteasecolors 7-volume color activator.
•  Red Formula: arteasecolors 5 grams of 55/46 (level 5 intense red violet) with 5 grams of arteasecolors 7-volume color activator.
•  Blue Black Formula: 5 grams of level 3/0 (darkest brown) with a dash of 001 blue concentrate with arteasecolors 7-volume color activator.
For the base formula Dee used 40 grams of arteasecolors 4/0 (medium brown) with 40 grams arteasecolors 7-volume color activator. She applied this formula everywhere else (except panels in foil) from the regrowth to ends and processed for 30 minutes at room temperature, then rinsed, shampooed, etc. The end result is a deep, rich brown with subtle dimension and radiant shine.
Darsan's long haircut, by Stephen is very bold with different levels of geometric bangs or fringe. This shattered look is also heavily layered for lots of movement. To create a "rock & roll" edge, Stephen flat-wrapped Darsan's hair while blow-drying, and then pieced out with styling paste until the desired style was achieved.
Collection: Prism Effect
Arteasecolors Artistic Team - Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Hair: Gerd Hoher, Stephen Mendelson & Dee Lescault
Make up: Noriko Kerns - Rex Agency
Fashion: Elana
Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual