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Deep Brown Hair Color

Sam's natural level 6 hair had previous color in a very dark brown hue with some bleached pieces. Gerd wanted to create a lively, but deep color without looking flat. Using arteasecolors, he mixed 30 grams of 3/0 (dark brown) with 15 grams of 3/6 (deep violet brown) with 45 grams of arteasecolors 7-volume (1.9% peroxide) color activator.
He applied the color all over from the regrowth to the ends and processed for 25 minutes at room temperature, then rinsed, shampooed, conditioned, and towel-dried. The end result is a very rich and lively, but deep brown hair color with healthy-looking luster.

Sam's haircut is a very current short graduated look with longer disconnected pieces at the side and a short, cropped fringe. To style, the hair was flat wrapped while blow-drying with a Denman brush. Once dry, a small amount of finishing paste was used to define the style.
Collection: Prism Effect
Arteasecolors Artistic Team - Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Hair: Gerd Hoher, Stephen Mendelson & Dee Lescault
Make up: Noriko Kerns - Rex Agency
Fashion: Elana
Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual