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Starlet Inspired Look

For Justine, Dee started with a natural level 7 color with some previous highlights. To bring up the blonde, she created delicate halos of color, starting at the hairline working up in 1/2 inch sections.

For the first halo, she alternated between Justine's base color and a highlight, which involved 20 grams of arteasecolors powder bleach with 40 grams arteasecolors 7-volume activator. The second halo was applied with 20 grams arteasecolors 12/81 (ultra lift silver) with 40 grams arteasecolors 40-volume developer.
For the third halo, 20 grams arteasecolors 10/0 light blonde with a dash 081 (silver concentrate) with 20 grams arteasecolors 30-volume developer was used while the forth halo involved 20 grams arteasecolors 9/0 with 20 grams arteasecolors 20-volume developer. She processed without heat for about 45 minutes (checking often) until the proper level was reached, and then rinsed, shampooed, and towel-dried Justine's hair.
Next Dee went back through and applied a low light using 30 grams arteasecolors 8/73 (medium golden blonde) and grams arteasecolors 7-volume activator, which was woven diagonally through the entire head. She processed without heat for 20 minutes, then again rinsed, shampooed, conditioned, and towel-dried.
For Justine's haircut, Gerd applied long layers to give her a soft, commercial edge. To create a wavy starlet inspired look, he set Justine's wet hair on the largest perm rods available using a working spray on each section. He took large irregular sections to minimize any demarcation lines later. Once the curl was set, Gerd undid the rollers and worked back through with his fingers piecing each curl as desired. To finish the style and instill a softer wave, Gerd ran a brush through Justine's hair.
Collection: Prism Effect
Arteasecolors Artistic Team - Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Hair: Gerd Hoher, Stephen Mendelson & Dee Lescault
Make up: Noriko Kerns - Rex Agency
Fashion: Elana
Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual