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Reddish Copper Hair

Ashley's fine hair was a natural level 8 with some previously colored highlights. Gerd Hoher, arteasecolors president and founder, richened up her color by using equal parts arteasecolors 88/43 (intensive light red copper) with 7-volume developer, applying the formula all over the hair from the regrowth to the ends. He processed the color with heat for 10 minutes, then rinsed and towel-dried.

Next he mixed 15 grams arteasecolors 88/43 (intensive light red copper) with 15 grams 20-volume in one bowl, and 15 grams of booster 043 (red gold), 15 grams of 8/34 (light gold red) with equal parts of 20-volume developer in another bowl. To give a tone-on-tone dimension, Gerd applied one of each formula to alternating slices of hair randomly placed over the top of Ashley's head. He processed for 15 minutes at room temperature then rinsed, shampooed, and towel-dried. The end result is a delicately dimensional, light reddish copper.
For Ashley's haircut, Gerd applied long layers with heavy and side swept fringe and flat-wrapped while blow-drying to instill a soft volume. Leaving the fringe straight, a thermal activated styling spray was dusted onto sections of dry hair before alternating curl direction using two different sizes of curling irons. Once the entire head was done, styling paste was used to lightly break up the soft movement through her hair.
Collection: Prism Effect
Arteasecolors Artistic Team - Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Hair: Gerd Hoher, Stephen Mendelson & Dee Lescault
Make up: Noriko Kerns - Rex Agency
Fashion: Elana
Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual