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Fiery Texture

Classic round lines have turned avant garde with fine texturing of the top layer. The deep bangs move on to cheekbone enhancing sides and come with a good dose of retro chic.
The crowning glory of this stylish and refreshingly new short haircut is the texture, cut and styled with feeling and finesse, that resembles a smoldering fire, freeing itself from the conventions of expected form. The almost charcoal black adds to the mystery.
Haircuts with different hair textures
Short haircut with texture
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Collection: Pin-up'date
Hairstyle: Séverine Tieleman & Michaël Del Bianco for XYZ
Photo: Fabrice Mariscotti
Make-up: Andréa Aquilino
Styling: Pitsy fashion
Production: ©XYZ BELGIUM
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