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In the first of our men's looks from the Identity collection, we see this razor cut with something of a masculine version of the pixie-style cut seen earlier. The primary differences in this and the previous women's cuts is that the perimeter texture is less diffuse, giving the edges a more solid appearance, without being truly blunt. The cut retains its razor texture, but has an overall feeling of boldness and solidity.
The color is a carefully accented blend of sable and chestnut highlights, strong enough to give depth to the color, without looking too contrived. The hair is styled with a blow-out technique focusing on smoothness, and likely employing a smoothing serum to give the hair a glossy finish. A dab of gel or pomade to the dried hair will offer some definition to the strands and help to give some control and prevent fly-away hairs.
Men's haircut with razor texture
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Collection: Identity
Hairstyle: Shampoo by Michel Dervyn
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