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Supergirl and Rocketboy

Festive, well defined corkscrew curls are not only a great look for the prom, but should make it into every day to bring more glamour, glitz and superpowers to our lives. Her over the shoulder long hair was curled over large rollers and just gently separated with the fingers to keep the fully rounded shape.
His short and layered style received a small dose of hair wax or flexible gel and was spiked up with a little sideward slant.
Collection: HEROS
Production: Eric Léturgie
Photographer: Jean-François Bouchet d'Angely
Photographer Assistant: Benoit Bouchet
Styling: Hervé Kockelschneider
Make-Up: Melissa Matti
Hair: Eric Léturgie & Yannick Léturgie
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