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Up-To-Date Men's Look

Here we see a shining example of the modern influence on the classic men's haircut. The layered style follows traditional perimeter lines but is executed with a razor tool and given choppy texture in the layering.
Styling is simple: blow dry the hair using a strong-hold styling gel and vented brush to create a full, soft mass of hair. After the hair is dry, take a dab of pomade or styling wax and rake the fingers through the hair to give definition to the layers and to reshape locks into an artful series of peaks along the center top section. The finished look is up-to-date without seeming trendy, and is flattering without being too predictable.
Men's haircut with layeringr
Men's haircut with choppy texture
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Collection: Graphik
Hairstyle: Shampoo by Michel Dervyn
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