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Natural Feel Men's Style

The flowing locks of a golden-haired youth that could have stepped from the lines of a poem by Lord Byron himself. This man's cut is a current interpretation of the neo-classic "devil-lock" style. Characterized by the long forelock with tapered layering, the hairstyle is classic in its broad-spectrum suitability for many different men.
The longer-on-top, shorter-back-and-sides cut is a classic and a staple among men's haircuts. It is simply the specific details of this basic premise that create the various looks. In this case, the sides and back are tapered without the normal blocky, defined perimeter lines. The result is a style that has a natural feel to it. It is appealing without looking contrived.
Blonde men's hairstyle
Natural hairstyle for a young man
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Collection: Graphik
Hairstyle: Shampoo by Michel Dervyn
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