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Short Top-Weighted Hairstyle

This look is dramatic without seeming drastic. The short, top-weighted style features a "bowl-like" cut whose weight line falls at the tops of the ears as it travels around the head. The lower portions are finely layered to create simple, feathery finishes around the perimeter and the upper sections are layered for a feathery look as well. Yet the real attraction here comes from the color work.
The base color - a deep, cool sable - is enhanced with a warm, burnished-copper tone in the forward sections. The effect is gentle, yet unmistakably warm and inviting. The intricacy of the color application with its perfectly-blended strands adds a level of visual interest that makes the whole look far greater than the sum of its parts.
Short haircut with layers
Short hairstyle for a brunette
Top of the ears haircut
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Collection: Graphik
Hairstyle: Shampoo by Michel Dervyn
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