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Chic Asymmetrical Cut

The first of our somewhat "anachronistic styles" (in that the style doesn't fit our retro theme displayed by the rest of the looks) we have three images of the same short cut that demonstrate the way that even very subtle styling changes can make a difference in the feel of a style. The base style has a lovely pale milky blonde color that has luminosity and shine. It is an asymmetrical haircut that features a side parting and angled lines in both the dominant and passive sides of the style.
In this first look, the asymmetrical cut is styled for complete smoothness. The hair is likely blown out straight with a smoothing serum and ironed to give a satiny finish. The finish works with the color to create a soft diffuse glow in the hair where it reflects and refracts the light. This look is ultra chic and clearly meant for a seriously dressed-up occasion.
Collection: Divine
Hairstyle: Michel Dervyn
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