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Seventies-Era Long Bob

Another classic, seventies-era look shines beautifully in this long bob style. A slightly off-center parting and the long waves of the style provide the perfect display format for the striations of color in the hair. The base is a neutral faun shade with golden highlights and bronzed low-lighting. The full-volume styling avoids height by using an off-base roller set with larger rollers at the top and smaller rollers along the bottom edge of the style (though not too small).
After setting the curl, the hair is brushed out gently and plied with hairspray and a spray laminator to give that glistening sheen seen above. When recreating this look for yourself at home, use a light misting of hairspray on the brushed out hair and run your fingers gently through the hair to create the look you want. This will give some definition to the locks and separate any "sheets" of hair.
Collection: Divine
Hairstyle: Michel Dervyn
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