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Long Straight Haircut

The smooth surface of this long haircut with a stunning side part is the perfect canvas for the play of colors in the hair. Streaks range from a sweet vanilla blond to a caramel- nutmeg shade and remind of the grain in precious woods. The cutting line is straight and lets the hair touch the shoulders with its intensely textured tips.
A hint of 1980s high school hairstyles is in the youthful fringe that falls across the face in a smooth diagonal line and has its ends rolled backwards in a mini homage to Farah Fawcett.
long hair with a side part
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Collection: Spring-Summer Hairstyles
Hair: Diadema Hair Fashion
Art Director: Fabio Messina
Photography: Stefano Bidini
Make-up: 20100Milano
Extensions: ZeropiĆ¹
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