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Up-Style with a Bun

This is what happens when a bun dresses up. For a very festive look up styles are the best choices. This one is especially elaborate and required the hands of a skilled stylist. The hair was worked into three vertical sections. The lowest one was turned into the large bun at the nape; the middle was smoothed out and rolled into generous coils that were then invisibly pinned.
The top slightly overlaps and features another coil that was slung into a loose knot. All together forms a beautiful pattern and structure that does not need any further embellishment, but the two jewelry hairpins are charming and we can use all the glitz we can get, right?
up-style with a bun
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Collection: Spring-Summer Hairstyles
Hair: Diadema Hair Fashion
Art Director: Fabio Messina
Photography: Stefano Bidini
Make-up: Paolo de Vita for 20100Milano
Extension: ZeropiĆ¹
Wedding Style: Bonello Spose
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