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Medium Long Tousled Hair

Celia brings the enigmatic look of a mystical siren to modern times. Long tousled tendrils appear in various textures including finely crinkled. They barely veil the extravagant fringe that is cut in the shape of a double curve with a diabolical dip at the base of the nose.
It is the balance of controlled lines and wild volume that makes this hairstyle so unique and desirable.
Crinkled hair and double curve bangs
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Collection: Artéfact
Artistic Directors: Séverine Tieleman & Michaël Del Bianco for XYZ
Hairstyle: Michaël Del Bianco
Photo: Laurent Thoma
Make-up: Andréa Aquilino
Stylists: Lady Violette - Céline Pinckers
Production: ©XYZ BELGIUM
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