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Textured Page Boy Cut

Kitty wears a highly textured page boy cut that could not be further from its sleek roots. The bangs still show the laser precision straight line right across the eyebrows, but the sides are made to fly, flip and frolic in their fine yet choppy texture.
A light veil of hair is styled across the eye, just enough to give the hairstyle a great edge and unique character.
Fashion haircut with choppy sides
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Collection: Artéfact
Artistic Directors: Séverine Tieleman & Michaël Del Bianco for XYZ
Hairstyle: Michaël Del Bianco
Photo: Laurent Thoma
Make-up: Andréa Aquilino
Stylists: Lady Violette - Céline Pinckers
Production: ©XYZ BELGIUM
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