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Cut with Asymmetry

"Asymmetry at its most creative" is one way to describe the hairstyle shown here. The cut is a classic-inspired look that contours along the lines of the face and is gently layered to create a rounded silhouette when styled smooth. The cutting lines along the fringe and forehead areas curve and follow asymmetrical sensibilities, and the style gets an infusion of energy in the styling at the back and oblique corners.
The smoothly-layered hair is scrunched and backcombed into a spray of tendrils and volume-packed mass. These elements add horizontal focus to the style and draw the eye outward. The forward sections are styled for glossy smoothness and the finish enhances the effect of the striations of highlighting color. The volume and curl in the back sections diffuse this sleek definition and create a wonderful pairing of two disparate elements.
Collection: White
Hair: Emiliano Vitale - é SALON
Make-Up: Jenny Eady
Styling: Alan Buanne
Photography: Peter Tabor
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