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Twisted Up-turns

Haute Couture fashion concepts are often not suited to street wear, and this look is no exception. The style's cyclonic twisted up-turns evoke images of a windy spring day, or a summer storm, but would look rather out of place on the average city street.
The head-turning aspect notwithstanding, the hairstyle appears to get its structural integrity from multiple techniques: The long hair looks to have been braided into this braids and dampened then dried to create the kinked texture seen on the exterior layers of the style. The upper layers (which become the interior) are then backcombed and built up to increase the volume and for a base structure for the look.
Finally the outer perimeter layers are then ruffed and wound up and around the head in order to give a "smoothness" to the exterior and hide any internal tools and accessories. The styling relied heavily on strong-hold products and texturizers and copious use of hair spray.
Collection: White
Hair: Emiliano Vitale - é SALON
Make-Up: Jenny Eady
Styling: Alan Buanne
Photography: Peter Tabor
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