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Classy Classic Look

This is a classic (and classy) look that virtually any woman would love. The natural-looking blonde shows slightly darkened roots that brighten into golden tresses that cascade and pool gently around the shoulders. The cut is long and layered around the leading edge and along the sides at the bottom lengths.
Styling includes the use of large roller tools upon which the hair is wound and settled off-base in order to cure the curls and create the flowing wave without adding volume in the upper portions of the hair. The likely use is of Velcro rollers on hair that is blown dry at the scalp and left somewhat damp at the ends. This allows the Velcro rollers to be used and the curl to set more strongly. The subsequent curls are broken up and distributed carefully to keep definition, yet encourage the flow and fullness.
Collection: White
Hair: Emiliano Vitale - é SALON
Make-Up: Jenny Eady
Styling: Alan Buanne
Photography: Peter Tabor
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