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Volume and Curl

We've seen the wild and voluminous fiery look in style two, but this hairstyle gives us another take on volume and curl. The soft sable color is accentuated with spicy orange accents in splashes throughout the style. This lets the hair catch and refract the light in myriad ways, adding to the depth of the color and style.
The styling, though voluminous, is carefully crafted, with softly-sculpted curls in a tight fall all around the face. This look is likely crafted with a wet-set and then gently combed out to preserve the integrity of the curl and avoid a fuzzy look.
Collection: Paragon
Hair: Tracey Hughes @ Mieka Hairdressing, Melbourne
Colour: Tracey Hughes
Photography: Andrew Maccoll
Make-Up: Ellinda Corbisiero
Stylist: Vass Arvanitis
Products: Redken
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