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Haircut with Capped Effect

This short-cropped, layered haircut features a curved cutting line that flows around the face and across the brow. The perimeter of the cut dips to the base of the neck at the ears and brushes lightly along the nape. The cutting line itself is heavily textured and has a fine-grained jagged edge that creates a soft impression.
The interior layering is exceptionally well-textured and creates a lightly-choppy look. Styling the hair involves blowing it straight, followed by flat-iron smoothing to direct the hair slightly out from the skin, providing a fuller look and giving a "capped" effect. The straightened hair can be plied with a small amount of pomade and thereby given added definition to the strands.
Collection: Organic
Hair: Emiliano Vitale - é SALON
Make-Up: Luana Vitale and Carolyn Haslett
Styling: Ana MacDonald and Peta-Marie Rixon
Photography: Peter Tabor
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