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Looks 5 & 6 - Bri

- Prepare the hair with Paul Mitchell® Worked Up® by spraying it on horizontal sections of 2.5 cm width.
- Start in the back and divide the horizontal sections. Spray all with Paul Mitchell® Extra Body Finishing Spray ®   and place them over the foil. Continue by placing another foil on top.
Curly white hair - Attach foils and hair for good hold.
- Carefully fold foils back and forth to form an accordion shape.
- Smooth over the foils with the Paul Mitchell® Pro Tools™ Express Ion Smooth® 1.25 to   develop structure in the hair.
- Let the foils cool completely before removing them.
- Continue this foil technique all over the head.
- Finally remove the foils and carefully brush the hair with sculpting brush 413.
- Create the desired shape and use Paul Mitchell® Extra Body Finishing Spray™ as the   last touch.
Collection: Innocent Naturalness
Photo & Copyright: Paul Mitchell